Thursday, 10 January 2013

AlunaGeorge and the Hipster Denial

Hipster R&B is a marmite, mainly amongst hipsters themselves who, love it or hate it, can deploy their opinion of AlunaGeorge, How To Dress Well or The Weeknd to let you know not just where they culturally stand but also a little of their back knowledge for creditability's sake.

The hater will drop into conversation how they find these artists lack soul, that it's a xerox with stiff beats unlike old, proper R&B which then launches them on their raison d'ĂȘtre, their Mastermind Specialist Subject: their masterful curatorial knowledge of the past. Meanwhile the Lover, aside from having something exciting and new and shiny to listen to has something to namecheck with others.

These two clashing elements in hipster between the Howards and the Vinces, those that say "I was at their first gig, way before everyone else got into them", the ones that hunt down authenticity and nail it onto their walls, and those that are mainlined into the forward momentum of culture's thrust into the future or at least combinations of the past that will be considered the future for a short period of the present creates the central flux of at least in the UK why hipsters have such a fundamental issue with admitting their hipsterness.

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