Thursday, 25 October 2012

Inner City Bass

Tago Mago posted the original Latch a month or so back. This T Williams mix bumps up the Inner City bass to create a house-ier feel.

Erm... William Hague. Yes, William Hague. How does that man not have black eyes and a torn shirt every time he turns up on Newsnight? I mean, we're not talking policies here, as a Tory we take it for granted there is something missing from his brain, the part that figures empathy but what I'm talking about is the voice. Just the voice. That rickety eggshelled head of a dried prune fart of a voice squeezed out through Ceefax and sealed with a ball point pen owned by an estate agent from Bournemouth who fancies himself as Bond, Timothy Dalton Bond.  I was bullied at school but hearing his voice the inner bully jumps out, wanting nothing more than to rub cold chips found on the floor outside a bookies in Tottenham all over his pasty old baby of a forehead.

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