Thursday, 18 October 2012


Supertramp are one of those cuspy old bands that perennially seem to be somewhere between revalued and left to gather dust next to a bottle of High Karate and a Soda Stream. They were electric piano warriors but lacked the eccentricity of Todd Rungdren, the down with the guys at the taxi station factor of Chicago or the meta-pop genius of 10CC. They must give whoever is pricing vinyl up in Oxfam a real headache, I mean, is this shit? Is this great? I'm pretty sure the without googling at least one of them must have looked like My Two Dads

Ducktails, alias one of the chaps from Real Estate, manages to sound like Jim O'Rourke sounding like Supertramp sounding like Pavement. That's a lot of sound alikes but ignore the facetiousness of my phrasing and imagine i'm just being too lazy to describe a pretty damn good tune in any other way.

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