Thursday, 6 September 2012


I remember being held at gunpoint in City Cafe in Edinburgh as two balaclavad guys ransacked the weekend's takings. The DJ had been playing something along the lines of Zion I's We Don't. This was '98 and the best hiphop was smoky, a little stoned. Beats were getting crisper, less on the old soul/funk sample.  The downstairs was used regularly as a meet point for Edinburgh gangsters. Everyone knew it went on, just like everyone knows The Cat and Mutton is ran by a coke dealing asshole. The difference being obviously if some guys burst into The Cat and Mutton and started opening fire it could only have a positive effect on the area. Anyway no bullets were fired but I learnt that when someone is pointing a sawn off shotgun at your head you realize the balaclava stands to protect you from their identity much more than the other way round

You know that Todd Rundgren fella? Yeah, the mythical 70s studio genius that created bonkers but also beautiful records like Wizard, A True Star and then produced everything from Bat Out Of Hell to Patti Smith? Well, he's not dead! And to prove this he's remixed Aussie psychsters Tame Impala's new track, and what's more, it marks welcome return to our ears of that stomp beat so beloved of glam rockers: think Crazy Horses, On The Road Again and lots and lots of tin foil.

On their Soundcloud, Fur boast that over 30 songs were sampled on this track, but if you're expecting some ADD Traktor pitch fiend mashup then you'll be relieved/disapointed.  Reverie is a fluid chunk of sublime mircohouse that makes me long for Club Matte and getting off the U-Bahn into cold, crisp air.

More micro implosions, here with Gold Panda on remix duties for Throwing Snow. There's a basic remains of a guitar riff here, like that of a chicken carcass long after the sunday roast

Latino - Swedish punk? Sudakistan hail from Stockholm and have a bongo player. El Movimiento manages to reference the Chicano Movement - set up to address negative portrayals of Mexicans in the media, and sound like Os Mutantes jamming with RATM.

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