Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Today We Start With Bowie Wondering How He Is Smoking From An Unopened Packet Of Ciggies

Ever wondered what the mouse choir from Bagpuss did after orthodox Police Seargent Howie closed Emily's shop down for practicing occultism? Well they moved to upstate New York, hunted fish and built cabins. Eventually Phil Spector passed one afternoon, heard the beautiful, sad music that reflected his own troubles and set up a microphone immediately. These recordings became Mount Eeerie.

Who'd have thought that one of the biggest influences on new music in 2012 would turn out to be the silky smooth but sassy 90s Girl R&B of TLC and SWV? AlunaGeorge, way more than an East End Purity Ring, combine these influences with great 2012 production. You're going to be hearing this a lot over the "back to school" season.

The secret of making dream pop is to have really crispy drums. Because your vocals are swathed in honey and you've trod on so many effects pedals your jangling guitars are hallucinating talking hot dogs reading the Koran you really, really need something strong to anchor it. Listen to any C86, listen to pretty much the entire early repertoire of 4AD, listen to the great off-grunge of Belly or Sugar, it's always the drums that remain sharp, crisp. Yes, sometimes like they've been recorded in a tin shed in The Gorbels but always crisp, always sharp.

Hotel Mexico are actually from Kyoto and this is a slice of gorgeous late summer Lush-esque (not Lushian, you'd never get Lushian) dream pop released on the rather wonderfully named Double Denim Records.

Does all music have to have an orgasm in it?

Van Halen or maybe now Skrillex would be the pinnacle of male ejaculation, all climax, where as the cyclical nature of Bach or Velvet Underground or Tech House is more feminine. If that be the case Flosstradamus music must be hermaphrodite - ejaculating manly and maintaining waves of pleasure both at the same time. Fierce.

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