Friday, 10 August 2012

Mathew Dear + xxyyxx + Matmos

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Accessing his love of New Wave, Mathew Dear's new track Earthforms could be mixed in nicely with Radiohead's National Anthem for its krauty vamp of a bass. This is the type of rock tune that could only emerge from a producer with a background in techno - the propulsive nature is handled, and carried through with an architectural cleanliness. Without the dynamic of spontineaity you get from "a bunch of guys bashing it out in some studio" (add northern accent if you wish) could go either way but Dear brings Earthforms to life.

The photos below are taken from Olympic Drift by Laura Oldfield Ford, featured in Granta, and show areas of East London swept aside for the olympics

Florida producer xxyyxx's Faces offers some serious bass action. Talking of Florida, I only recently realised that Florida popstar Flo Rida's name is actually Florida is you join the letters together. Seriously. Go to the special class Hanford, a chair awaits

The electronica Matmos amongst others rode to prominence on a little over ten years ago often seemed to resemble something along the lines of Molecular Gastronomy: a series of juxtapositions between source and methodology. Clever, sometimes thrilling, but eventually a tad cold and trapped within it's own parameters. Having said that, a decade since I last gave a shit and this new cut from their debut EP for Thrill Jockey album sounds fresh, tense, operatic almost. Actually, what it kind of sounds like is Yello.

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