Friday, 31 August 2012

Last Of The Summer Wine

Autumn falls. The connoisuer's season. Yeah Summer, promises promises, make way for golden leaves, fresh sharp mornings and the return of soup. Summer is a blonde from California, the school favourite, the million dollar pitch, we all love her/him, but ultimately isn't it just a tad obvious? Autumn is sophisticated, European, nuanced, knows how to wear a scarf and is beautiful the way an old piano can be.

I'm His Girl might be entering the terain now of the seriously overplayed but AlunaGeorge manage to take the catchy old lady on a Tropical beach party/glitch affair. Last of the summer wine

Last week I was joined by Fabien Riggall, head of Secret Cinema and Future Shorts amongst others for a chat about taking Cinema out of the Cinema, plonking it in a field, or a disused warehouse, or a Victorian shopping mall. Anywhere really, except in a Cinema...


Sometimes a remix is all about stripping a song back to its essence. Blog fave Twin Shadow keeps the melody here, set against raw, naked guitars and brilliantly selected effects. The soundtrack to an emotional end of the world scene in an above average film.

This is some serious minimalist nasty shit. Like the dark side of Drop It Like Its Hot - this operates on little more than a bass drum pulse and a single flat bass tone. Over which various voices, including that of Tricky (who I reckon will be considered an English Treasure before 2020) intone ....

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