Friday, 3 August 2012

Femme Friday

The other week I was joined in Wilton Way Cafe by Laura Bettinson aka. R&B tinged siren Femme for a Holiday themed Imaginary Soundtracks. Since the show was recorded the weather went great, then the Olympics started and it all sort of crumpled in again. I've also noticed than when you type R&B into Blogger it often saves as R&AmpB. Weird, maybe there's a new micro genre there

As the old adage says, there are only two types of music: good music and bad music, I'd like to add there are only two types of music lover: those that enjoy Ringo Starr's drumming, and those that don't. Occasionally you may end up stuck in a lift or having your space invaded at a bar by somebody who tells you that the Fourth Beatle just simply could'nt drum. Be wary of these nebulous people, given any chance they will Rohypnol you into listening to Jaco Pastorius. They will tie you up until you agree to actually read Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintanence. They more than likely ride a bike dressed in lycra cycle wear, These are not the kind of people one should associate with.

Endless Shore has Ringo style drumming all over it, big slabs of FX guitar, and Melody Prochet's echoed out pixie voice to create a concise, neatly honed in shoegaze psychedelic firepit

In some parralel Universe Sebastien Tellier is the Major of London during the 2012 London Olympics. And this is the official olympic hymn, sung by a drunk and lecherous Tellier, dressed head to toe in white satin swinging from a giant pole at the end of Jean Luc Goddard's opening ceremony (that takes in real tigers, huge chunks of Maoist tract delivered by a Universally appreciated NHS, giant red letters saying things like "?" and Catherine Deneuvre's medley of Riot Girl classics).

Soldiering together a similar mutant of R&B and Dream Pop as Purity Ring, Brooklyn Based Teengirl Fantasy's EFX (released by true Panther/R&S) is basically a big pool of synthetic loveliness for guest vocalist Kelela's lush R&B voice to splay out, make itself at home and redecorate the apartment.

Above, some stills from a recent trip to Madrid

Melody's Echo Chamber leaving you wanting a little more psych? Check out Pueto Rico's very own psych-rock warriors Fantasmes - Redness Moon comes on like its been up all night banging whatever makes a banging noise along to Brightback Morning Light then at sunrise realizing the 73 Bus doesn't stop anywhere near this mind-jungle, decides just simply settle for life onto some grass verge embankment next to a few chicken bones in a box and that woman who walks up and down Broadway Market asking for change.

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