Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Various Forms Of Audio Glitter

Ellinor Olovsdotter could in many ways come across as a Swedish M.I.A - the brashness (a chorus that goes "I'm like a finger up your ass now") and the Diplo'esque production is all in place but Cian't Hear It is the boss of it's own streets. And these streets sound like a particularly aggressive nip to the Cost Cutter in a world infested with lottery buying undead humping over the bonnets of crashed cars as a lone Alsatian barks obsessively from a disused garage forecourt.

On a lovely sunny afternoon last week I invited promo whiz David Wilson in as guest on my London Fields Radio Show. The guy behind videos for Metronomy's The Bay, The Maccabees' Pelican, David Guetta's Titanium and the new Adam Buxton show on Sky Atlantic. We talk and play music based around Throwing Shapes - expect to hear Fever Ray, New Order and Rustie amongst the selection.

What on earth makes Tame Impala good? You listen to their soft and vast walls of purple hallucinogenic Marshall amps as they paint vast rainbows of galactic Floyd expansiveness complete with bass runs as worn in as your Dad's Dark Side of the Moon CD.  Really the band should feel about as exciting as news of a Kula Shaker reunion yet Apocalypse Dreams, like their debut, sounds fresh, invigorating. Satisfying to listen to, the way a good Snickers is.

There is more than an outside chance that King Creosote is well on his way to becoming a National Treasure. Over the last decade his instantly recognizable regional tones have grown to represent a kind of folk that sidesteps the movements inbred conservatism towards modernity, soundtracking a pastoral form of soul music rooted in a kind of heartfelt playfulness.

I've featured Sun Glitters  before, here they transform the delicate electronics of Copenhagan's  Soffie Viemose's original into a woozier version of the kind of pumping compression French producers used to call their own. Well worth checking out the original as well.

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